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Unit6For her first twenty-four years, she'd been known as Debbiea name that didn't suit her good looks and elegant manner. "My name has always made me think I should be a cook," she complained. "I just don't feel like a Debbie." One day,

首先,句子打字有问题,纠正如下:I knew (that)I had the knowledge ,the skill,the experience to 【handle 】any surgical situation I'd ever 【encountered】 in practice.其次,句子结构分析可以帮助理【I主语】大学英语读写教程第二册 我发的这个网址很详细了,你自己可以打印下来看 补充一些高考词组汇总:

1. 长大,成熟,成长 grow up2. 确信,对….有把握 be sure about3. 确保,查明 make sure4. 上大学 go to college5. 吃药 take medicine6. 学医 study medicine7. 给某人发送某物 send sb sth/send sth to sb8. 制定计


tick off[]列出;用记号勾出 touch up[]修改,改进 touch off[]开(炮等);触发 within touch of[]在…能到达的地方 keep track[]通晓事态,注意动向 lose track[]失去联系 have

1.说到 2.偏向于 3.深棕色 4.系领带 5.给一个礼物 6.相对的 7.实际上 8.亲自 9.比如 10.着火 11.leave a first impression a calm voice 13.have a perfect landing 14.surprises me social activity is 17.have a date 18.suddenly appear summary 20.divide into

新视野大学英语(第二版)第二册Unit 6 Unit 6 Comprehension of the Text I.1. She didn't like her first name because it didn't suit her good looks and elegant manner,and it made her think she should be a cook.2. She felt more comfortable with

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