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tired: never tire of reading classics.这些古典名著我百读不厌. astonished:The news astonished everyone.这消息使大家感到惊讶 interested:He is ninterested in politics.他喜欢政治. frightened:She was frightened by a dog. 她被一条狗吓坏了

The various facts in this case just don't add up.Jack is upset and blames himself.When the set is on, I cannot ignore it.He can stay calm in danger Well, calm down, that was a joke!You have got to think strength, think health, think riches These

高中英语挺难的,你要好好学哟!下面是翻译:1、You will know the result when you add up all numbers.2、We tired to calm him down,but he still kept shouting excitedly.3、Marry recover from the hospit where her settle.4、Li Ming has got along

1 The survivors survived from the big earthquake.2 So events of a quarter-century ago are being re-examined, in search of lessons for the present 造句嘛,就要先明白单词的意思和词性,然后先用汉语想出来,在翻译过来,就好了!剩下的自己造好了,那样会加深记忆,也会增强语感的!还有,实在不会造的话,就下载有道词典,输入单词,就会有好多例句供你参考呢!加油!

1.My English words add up to more than 2400. 2.Teh boy was upset in his room because his mother didn't let him go out for play. 3.I never ignore what the teacher says in class. 4.The sea was calm. I often calmed down whenever I met any difficulty.

That sentence is wrong,you need a correction.Encouragement is a good way to improve your confidence.After playing games,John had a good enjoyment.Tom has a fluency spoken,he can speak English and Chinese easily.Tom had a

1 I am a smart boy.2 Don't argue with me.3 4 I am fond of classical music.5 This shirt doesn't match you.6 This is my mirror.7 Can you fry the chicken?8 It is not allowed to have a gun in China privately.9 My pulse hammered.10 I saw you last night.11

37 :I work hard in order to earn my living. 33:Sometimes you have to tell a lie in a special situation. 71:The mother gave birth to the baby in 1900. 77:Now that you have made your mind,you can go on.

1.The teacher caught a young boy sleeping in class.2.I won't have you saying such things.3.He kept the little maid doing housework.4.Can you get the car running ?5.I saw/noticed/watched/observed a man entering the bank.6.They heard someone

I have received many presents when I have my eleven birthday party. My parents give me a teddy bear, my uncle gives me a book. My best friend gives me a goldfish. Among all the gifts, I love the goldfish the most. I always want to have a pet in the

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