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猪肉含有丰富的脂肪翻译为:The pork is rich in fat望满意,有疑问请追问!

full of;oofy;[法] moneyed;rich;wealthy[例句]而且,这样的配偶往往也是富有的专业人士.That spouse tends to be a wealthy professional as well.

Many foods rich in protein . contains of

含有丰富的蛋白质 Contain rich of protein

【汉语】丰富多彩【英语】rich and colorful【音标】英语读音【rt n 'klfl】 美语读音【rt n 'klfl】【例句】Visitors can view a rich and colorful array of aquatic plants and animals.游客们可以看到一系列各种各样、色彩斑斓的水生动植物.Campus rich and colorful cultural activities, community activities, students actively andenthusiastically.校园文化活动丰富多彩, 学生社团活动积极踊跃. 忘采纳

This fruit is rich in vitaminC .be rich in 含有XXX,有丰富的XXX.

1. rich experience 2.eight-hour sleep3.enough water


富有的英文翻译是rich,对应的音标是英 [rt] 美 [rt] . rich 英 [rt] 美 [rt] adj.富有的;肥沃的;丰富多彩的;油腻的 扩展例句1、Liver and kidney are particularly rich in vitamin A 肝脏和肾脏的维生素A含量尤其丰富. 2、A rich and

rich adj.富有的,有钱的,富裕的;肥沃的,丰富的,富饶的;华美的,高价的 “the rich”的意思是富人.

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