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舅舅;叔叔; 伯伯; 姑父;姨父等等,用英文介绍时全都称为 uncle.所以一般会直接用名字,或按照年纪来区分,不然就说不清楚咧~譬如:Uncle A kissed auntie B, and uncle A was then slapped by uncle B.Auntie A had noticed this and then

My dear friend, I think for a long time, think it is high time that this matter. Although there are a lot of give up, even painful, but I have decided, and I hope you will not hate me. Perhaps the past days have been a lot of laughter, but now you turn it into a

您好! 泪水不停了下来.告诉自己要坚强.你在哪里,我的爱人我失去了我的方式我能听到你,但我不能感觉到你我很害怕当你回来找我当你握住我的手,紧紧的拥抱我,和..告诉我别哭我会永远在这里陪伴你

我把你当作真正的偶像 唯一能超过他的人 你是那样高不可攀 我甚至认为没资格与你说话 我希望有一天能像你一样 所以 你只是我的偶像 I regard you as the real idol The only person that can surpass him You are really too high for me to reach I

please give me a chance to care about you

If one day i don't look for you on my own initiative. It doesn't prove i don't love you. The reason why i don't see you is that i love you so deeply. On the contrary, i have a desire to want you ask for me to testify that you still care about me. I am pleasded ,

I am always waiting for you,but not tell you. 望采纳,谢谢

Witnesses in criminal proceedings of the reasons for low and Improvement All along, China's rate of appearance of witnesses in criminal proceedings are very low. Improve the rate of appearance of witnesses is important to achieve justice.

玛利亚:Maria.大家好,我扮演的是玛利亚,修女玛利亚是个性格开朗、热情奔放的姑娘.她爱唱歌、爱跳舞,还十分喜爱大自然的清新、宁静和美丽.不仅如此,更加重要的是她能够感染别人,带给别人快乐.Everybody is good, I was playing

The United Nations Children's Fund , a United Nations agency, was established at the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946 and it is based in New York, providing developing countries with long-term assistance to mothers and children .

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