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I had a busy weekend.Last Saturday,I got up early.Then I rode a bike to a park.I had fun playing in the park.Then I had lunch at Mcdonald's.In the afternoon I played baskebball

你好,同学,很高兴回答你的问题正确答案如下:1. It was Sunday yesterday. I went to the park to exercise in the morning .There were many people there.Some of them took a walk,some of them talked with each other.A few students read English

i had a very busy day last sunday.i ate breakfast after i get up,then i did my homework in the morning and watched tv at noon.then in the afternoon,i finished my homework and played computer games before dinner.i ate dinner at 7 o'clock.after that,

Yesterday, I got up at 7 o 'clock. After breakfast, I cleaned my room. Then I do my homework. I went shopping with my mother in the afternoon to ride a bicycle. I read books in the evening.昨天,我起床在7点钟.早餐后,我打扫了我的房间.然后我做我的家庭作业.我和我妈妈去购物在下午骑自行车.我在晚上读书.

Last weekend I was happy. On Saturday morning,it was sunny.I went shopping.I spent 50 yuan on the food.In the afternoon,I did my homework.They were diffecult.In the evening,I watched TV.The sitcom made me feel happy. In Sunday.It was rainy all

last weekend, we went to go to the wuquanshan park, we saw two tigers,and SOME elephants !we had drinked some drink and ate some good food ! so we had good time !

It was a nice windy day last Saturday. My friend John and I went to the beach to spend our weekend. We swam in the sea, played games together on the beach, and then flied kites. We had a very nice time. The summer is coming.The weather is

I had a busy weekend.On Saturday, I did my homework , this is a little difficult and 在星期天早上,我去了图书馆,我看了一些关于英语的书.然后,我去了博物馆,我看见了

I was very busy this week.At home,I helped my parents cook meals、do some housework and clean up my bedroom;As for school,I worked hard and played with my classmates happily.I felt very happy,although I was busy.How about you? Ps:LZ注意下,表示虽然……但是……的时候,不能用Although…… but;只能说Although..

Last Saturday, I went to my friend Lily's birthday party. Many boys and girls went to her party. In the morning, we went to the park to have the picnic. In the afternoon, we went to see the film. Lily was very happy. She wore a new dress and looked very

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