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1.respond: [ ris'pnd ] v. 回答,回报,反应 responded是respond的过去分词 vt.以回答[+that] 造句:1.The government has responded to pressure and dropped the proposal. 2.He responded no to the first question. 2.远的;久远的;远离的[(+

1.I'm having rest on a beach, I hear the surf.2.3.4.I eat a lot of ice-cream, result I have a stomechache.5.You the better come here and sit here.6.7.You're very yuck!8.The plane has a athough.

1.honestHonesty is the best policy. 诚实才是上策.He is an honest boy. 他是个诚实的男孩.2. braveHe was very brave about his operation. 他对手术毫无惧色.She braved death to rescue me. 她冒着生命危险来救我.3.fond I'm fond of pop music

1.What's in your backpack?2.Look it up in a dictionary.3.Do you often watch television?4.My grandfather is 80 years old now.5.My sister is taller than me.6.My mother works in a hospital.7.His cousin is my classmate.8.There is a sofa in the corner.9.

rain: The boy ran in the rain without an unbrella.男孩在雨中奔跑windy: It will be windy in Beijingcloudy:The day started off cloudy , but later the sun broke through. sunny: It's sunny today.cook : She often cooks for them. 她常常替他们做饭.study: If

1.He had lost his identity card and was being questioned by the police.(他遗失了身份证,正在受到警察盘问.)2.Security Account Manager needs to get the boot key from floppy disk.(安全帐户管理员需要从软盘获得启动密钥.)3.Ask the


in total: 总共Examples:1. That will cost you 7.50 in total. 你总共要花7.50英镑.2. During the occupation, we had to live in total submission (to the invader). 在沦陷时期, 我们得听凭(侵略者的)摆布.be equal to: conj. 等于(和相等,胜任)

He is filled up with sadness that makes him awake all night.It's my pleasure to work with Tom ,who is a clever boy.Nowdays people who have eyes are blind because of eye-shortedIt's not convenient to be deaf because you can see nothing. Can you

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