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i live to eat fish his nose is red touch my face ,feel hot october is a good festival actor get high salary his car is gray

1.I assume you lied just now.2.(1)The base of the house is not stable. (2)My assumption is based on what I have heard.3.She claimed someone is to be responsible for it.4.'10

1.honest Honesty is the best policy. 诚实才是上策.He is an honest boy. 他是个诚实的男孩.2. brave He was very brave about his operation. 他对手术毫无惧色.She braved death to rescue me. 她冒着生命危险来救我.3.fond I'm fond of pop

经常often:We often dance.喜欢like:I like dancing.吃eat:Eat some pies.喝drink:Drink some water.傍晚evening:In the evening, I like reading.溜溜球yo-yo:I can play with yo-yos.书book:There's a book.钱much:How

They are filthy with money.他们有的是钱.Do not eat sordid food.不吃不干净的食物.Technical foul is often occurred in the football match.足球赛上常常发生技术犯规.His behaviour caused his parents a great deal of pain.他的所作所为使他的父

at three/three o'clock 在三点 at a quarter to six 六点差一刻 at noon 在中午,at night 在夜晚 at midnight 在半夜 at breakfast/lunch/supper 在吃早饭/午饭/晚饭时 at this time of

1.What's in your backpack?2.Look it up in a dictionary.3.Do you often watch television?4.My grandfather is 80 years old now.5.My sister is taller than me.6.My mother works in a hospital.7.His cousin is my classmate.8.There is a sofa in the corner.9.

1She lives in France.2I often help them with their English.3Do you know him?4 I want to fly a kite with Tom tomorrow.5 We are in the same class.6 Tom and Jim are in the different classes.7 Thanks a lot.8 The girl is a little cold.9 My father doesn't like

一问啥不知:good job!

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