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eating too much Chocolate is bad for us there are too many questions to ask she's too young to go to school the competition will last 3 days from monday to Wednesday

Some simple sentences:1.I will treat you for your help.2.I will cure you of your bad habbits.3. I decide to change my job.4.She advises me to try a new thing.5.He will try his best to do it well.6.My mother prepared a great meal for me.7.I need to prepare some food.8.My brother encouraged me to go abroad.

1.want sb to do (想要某人做某事),I want you to help me (我想要你帮助我.) 2.Don't talk to me . (不要和我说话.) 3.Mary is talking with her mother. (玛丽在和她妈妈谈话.) 4.May I speak to Jane ?(电话用语:我可以和简讲电话吗?) 5.Can you speak with me?(你可以和我谈谈吗?)

你可以从网上自己搜索一下,挺多的.这里仅提供部分参考,望有用! 1.agree with同意……意见;符合;一致 I certainly agree with that. 我当然同意. 2.ask for请求;询问 We ask for the cooperation of all concerned. 我们请求一切有关方面给予

1.across from the library is just across from our school. 图书馆就在我们学校对面. 里面有几个词组不太合适,看例句吧,句子中都是正确的,希望有帮到你!

They attach great importance to education. 他们十分重视教育. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. 水由氢和氧组成. He is poor so much so that he has hardly enough to live. 他得难以维持生活.

He is friendly to us.And what's more,he studies very well.他对我们很友好,而且,他学得很好After a short rest we continued working经过一个短暂的休息,我们继续工作We need $50 to make up the sum required. 我们需要五十元以补足所需要的数目.

what's more 另外,别的 其他的She learns quickly, and what 's more, she remembers what she has learnt 她学得很快,而且所学的全都记得 continue to do sth 继续做某事He continues to do his homework when the show is over.当演出结束的时候,他继续做他的功课.make up 组成The museum is made up of three different parts.这座博物馆有3个不同的部分组成

We almost run out of the water. 我们的水快用完了 In fact, I have left the high school. 事实上,我已经离开了那个高中 would like to have some coffee.. 我想来点咖啡 By the way, your skirt is very beautiful. 顺便说一句,你的裙子很漂亮.

be poor at She is poor at swimmingtake care of She takes care of sick animalsbeware of Beware of sharks!at least At least you have a home.aware of He is aware of her presence. come in contact with 与…取得联系 He came in contact with his

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