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i'm a college student, childhood dream is to be scientists, and then he's been very hard in implementation, the junior high school, found that is not impossible dream, become to be a doctor, then very hard to study biological, later at the high school,

After a hundred years "Bell", a noise awakened me from the dream, I looked at the bedside of the calendar, you! I have to sleep a hundred years, and is now the 2109! I looked at all directions, "the house in how it all decorations, furniture then?"

有帮助啊,非常有帮助!依我愚见,不要死记硬背范文,工作量太大了,背一些好的句子就可以,像开头段引出漫画内容的,引出现象的,引出大家观点以及个人观点的,举个很老套的例子吧,想要说“现在越来越多的大学生开始做什么什么”就不要用now more and more students . 要说,,,now ,it is a very common phenomenon that an increasing number of college students .,这种句子多积累点,自己就可以整理出来一个万能摸板了,就不怕考试没有话说了,也免得句试单调!仅供参考~~~~呵呵!!!

My taste Since I was a child, I always dream about playing table tennis. I did play some nice ball games, but I often got beaten badly. However, it didn't reduce my interest in table tennis. I was crazy to stand in front of table and raised my paddle. As


Hi, 不知道你还记不记得10年前的样子.短发,大眼睛,看陌生人的眼神中充满了大大的恐惧和未知.但是,为了生活,你依旧在努力地改变.希望,有一天能够变成你希望的样子. Dora,这10年,你有没有努力实现自己e799bee5baa6e4b

As the technology of science is developing faster and faster,and the computers are used in every corner of the world.In the year 2020,everyone will carry a pocket computer.

life in the future as time goes by, there are going to be big changes in our everyday lives in the future. for example, as time goes by, there are going to be big changes in our everyday life. for example, when we are hungry, we don't need to cook in a


As we know , 2020 is coming. No doubt at that time our society will change a lot. we have more and more new cars and buildings.what is more , people's idea about life will change. at past, we think make more and more money is the most important

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