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My last weekend Last weekend,i went to the park.I went to the library.I read lots of books.I played football at the school.And i ate some apples and some breaks.I watched TV.I was very happy.

1. A visit to the zoo.I went to the zoo with my friends last Sunday. It was hot and sunny that day. It took us about two hours to get there by bus. There were thousands of people in the zoo. We saw lots of animals, such as, pandas, kangaroos, polar

我的童年 I grew up in a small village. I am the second child of the family, and my sister is the eldest. Our house is on the main street of the village so I always saw a lot of people on the streets There were farmers, fishermen, and a few merchants in the

i had a great time with my mother last sunday. because i finished my homework on time. she took me to the zoo. i saw a lot of animals, such as pandas, monkeys and elephants. i was very excited to see those animals. because they were so lovely.

过去式短文.I had my education of primary school in my hometown. I moved to another primary school a year later when my patents went to there to work.

Yesterday we had a Thanksgiving Campaign day in our school.We did lots of things.In the morning,I made a thank-you card and gave it to my teacher.In the afterrnoon,we had a Chinese speech contest.At the speech contest I read a thank-you letter

Last Sunday ,I went to see my grandparents.When I got there,they felt very happy,and gave me a hug .They said they missed me so much.I said I missed them too. Then ,they gave me many delicious food,and I felt very happy.They asked me to about

i was very glad during last winter holiday.someday ago,i did my homework and stayed at home.i read a number of books.i shot off fireworks with my young sister.that was so exciting.then i went shopping with my mum.i felt good,too.and i also ate a lot

"oh the alarm went off" NICK got up in a hurry."times up,times up",NICK took a shower and dressed up quickly.he could not late for school again or the teacher would punish him.NICK hurried to school. the school was empty and he could not

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