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There are three bedrooms , a kitchen and a living room in this apartrment.

there is a book on the desk.go across the street, and you will find the book is different from his.between me and Jack, is Mary.near the river, there is a house.he goes to school in the car every day.there is a buidling in front of my house.we are thinking of him.the cat is under the table.

1.respond: [ ris'pnd ] v. 回答,回报,反应 responded是respond的过去分词 vt.以回答[+that] 造句:1.The government has responded to pressure and dropped the proposal. 2.He responded no to the first question. 2.远的;久远的;远离的[(+

第一到第九个单词分别是I'm two(three, four,ten) years old! 第十到第二十七个单词分别是There is a boat (window,board)! 二十八到三十三个单词和一到九一样I'm years old. 后来的数字都可以造句成 I'm years old! 34.I have black hair 35.

1.Human's brains are different from animals'.2.We should pay attention to teachers on the class.3.We have the ability to speak.4.The mouse is connected with the computer.5.We should review the lessons before class.6.Students are active on the

rain: The boy ran in the rain without an unbrella.男孩在雨中奔跑windy: It will be windy in Beijingcloudy:The day started off cloudy , but later the sun broke through. sunny: It's sunny today.cook : She often cooks for them. 她常常替他们做饭.study: If

1.用month,February,second造句:February is the second month in a year.2.用birth造句:The birth rate in this city is almost constant.这城市的出生率几乎是不变的.3.用someone造句:I wish someone could tell me the secret.真希望有人能告诉我这个秘密.4.用description,word造句:Can you teach me how to description this woed?你能教我如何描述这个词吗?希望对你有所帮助,谢谢!

It's rain now.It's windy today.It's cloudy today.It's sunny day.Can you cook food?I am studying now.It's a bad idea.It's a terrible experience.This girl is very pretty.It's very hot today.It's very cold now.It's very warm here.My friend is on vocation.Can you

1.The paper is burning.那张纸正在燃烧.2.Your bedroom is very mess, you should clean it.你的卧室很乱,你需要整理一下.3.We are growing up.我们正在成长.4.He send me a ring.他送给我一枚戒指.5.June first is our parens'anniversary.六月

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