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good morning早上好再看看别人怎么说的.

一般现在时的讲解与用法 一、 定义与讲解 一般现在时:表示经常性的事情,经常性的动作或一般性事实. 时间状语:often 经常,usually通常,always 总是,every每个,sometimes 有时,at …在几点钟 只有在第三人称单数用动词的“三单变


yesterday, today and tomorrow

It is sunny today. 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

I became inspire very much when my idear improved by my boss.当我的主意被老板赞 He did not come home until 9o'clock this morning.他知道今天早上9点钟才回到家.It

what is the latest new today?您的支持就是我继续前行及帮助别人的动力 愿您与我一起传播『 爱心 』之种望采纳(^ω^)

答案如下:1.I am eating now.译文:我在吃饭.2.I am running now.译文:我正在跑步. 3.I am sitting bihind you.译文:我正坐在你后面.4.He is sleeping now.译文:他正在睡觉.5.He is sitting in front of you.译文:他正坐在你前面.6.She is

1 Such a fine day is good for do some exercise2what a bad weather today! It is raining outside,she has to stay at home3 it is cloudy today,the weather report says it is going to rain ,so she has to go shopping with an umbrella

当你用昨天造句When you used yesterday.当你用昨天造句When you used yesterday.

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