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We can work after study everyday.

She always goes to school on foot.He is always early to go to school.They always help each other.I will always love you.Always have breakfast.I always have lunch at twelve.

当然 这些进步都是潜移默化的

1. My pet dogI have a pet dog named Lucky. It has white and soft furs with two small With good healthy habits I stay in good health.5.如何学英语Learning English just like

1. That is a policy, which aims at stabilizing the economy. 那是一个旨在稳定经济的政策.2. I would like to know something about your study plan. 我想知道一些关于你的学习计划.3. I would like to know that if your mind bo

1: I go to school every day. I went to school yesterday. I will go to school tomorrow.2: I read English every morning. I read English this morning. I am going to read English.3: She sometimes goes shopping on Sundays. She went shopping last day.


I sometimes get up early. I sometimes go to bed very late. I have been to Beijing some times. I do sports some times a week. I will go to Europe sometime. I will grow up sometime. It often takes me some time to take a bus. I always spend some time

I will compete with this guy for a position我要与这个人竞争这个岗位 I go to school every day except weekends我每天都去学校除了周末 This ticket only admit yourself to go in这张票只允许你一个人进 I like apples and bananas as well我喜欢苹果,也喜欢香蕉 I used to swim in summer when I was a child当我小的时候我常常在夏天去游泳 I will be in charge of this thing我会对这件事负责

1.i am late for school today. last name is x(你的姓) first name is xx(你的名) 4.can you say it in english? 5. write your idea down while it's clear in your mind. 6.i called you yesterday 7.i have a set of keys. 8.i climb a fanily tree . 9.i take

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