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i am happy with fucking!意思是我满意于罚款

be happy with (接名词) 是对感到满足 比如1、She is happy with her grades.2、She is happy with her new toy.

be happy with 对 感到满意, 对 感到愉快

be happy with 的造句: We are happy with Mike at the shopping mall. 如果你需要学习更多的英语,请跟闻老师联络!再看看别人怎么说的.

Joe is not happy with the result of the final exam.Joe对他的期末考试成绩不满意

He was not happy with the service in this restaurant.他对这家餐厅的服务态度不太满意.

1是和谁一起很高兴 2是做什么事情很高兴 3是为了什么事物而高兴

I am very happy with the gift you gave me.

be happy with 快乐的,对 感到满意; 对 感到愉快 Thus, just about everyone appears to be happy with Yi being in Milwaukee.因此,易在密尔沃基,每个人都该感到高兴.

有的 be happy about what you have. 为你所拥有的而快乐

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