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用thErE BE句型造句

There is a basketball under the desk!2 There are some pens and pencicls in the pencilbox.3 There is a library in the shcool.4 There are five girls on the playground.5 There was a lake in this town.6 There were several buildings behind my house.7

1.There is a flower in the bottle.瓶里有一朵花.2.There is some money in the purse.钱包里有些钱.3There is a boy,a girl and two women in the house.房子里有一个男孩,一个

一、 注意事项: 1 there be 结构中的be 是可以运用各种时态的. There is going to be a meeting tonight.今晚有个会议. There was a knock at the door.有人敲门. There has

There is my bed near the desk. There is my air-conditioner up my desk. There is my lamp on my desk. There is my bookshelf near the door.

1There is a book on the desk.2There is a pen in the pencilcase3There is an apple on the tree4There is some money in the box5There is some water in the glass6There is a

there is boy in the classroom.

There is a tree in front of the wall.There is not any milk in the glass.There are two dogs in the basket.There are not any apples on the table.There is a chair and four books over there.

there be 网络 有; 存在句; 结构; 某处有某物; 句型1 How can there be things as such? 哪会有这种事?2 Could there be a mountain more precipitous than this? 山之险峻,宁有逾此?3 Will there be anything else?& If there is, we'll let you know. 还有什么其他的吗?&如果有的话,我们会通知你的.

There are some apples in the bowl.There are five books,two pens and a ruler in the school bag. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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