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找谷歌翻译 或者装个金山词霸个人版 设置好屏幕取词 鼠标忘那一放就翻译出来了

He has not finished the homework.Robert was a teacher.They have been to Sydney.He decided to name the boy Mark.How long has Laura been there?望采纳 谢谢如有疑问 可追问

Some drained of wheat form a circle around some small circle. Started people thought it was some child's prank, or the farmers would like to use this to attract tourists. So people began to imitate, but found it impossible to do so. In the British who


There are trees, flowers and clear lakes, less pollution, more beautiful world

Cheer up

她的父母负担不起她的学费 Her parents can't afford her tuition fees

翻译:You are the only one.only读法:英 ['nl] 美 [onl] adv. 只,仅仅;不料短语:1、Only You 只有你 ; 我心属于你 ; 不要其他男人只要你 ; 威尼斯恋人2、Only Nicholas 专辑名称主打张栋梁3、CD only 通常盘 ; 普通盘 ; 恋曲集4、

We can't climb the moutain because of the snow storm He can't speak French, neither can I


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