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ask sb to do sth的中文翻译 ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事 双语例句 1 Ask sb, esp politely, in speech or writing to do sth (以口头或书面形式)要求,(尤指)请求某人做某事 2 Some websites ask star to do sth for sb appropriative model,

◆beg sb to do sth 请求某人做某事ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事再看看别人怎么说的.

ask sb to do sth的意思是让某人做某事ask sb for sth的意思是向某人索取某物意思不一样的


ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事 tour guide 导游

ask sb about sth是像某人询问 咨询或了解某方面事情的意思 例如:I ask my teacher about fanal exam.ask sb to do sth是请求 要求或命令别人去做某事,在语气上比前者要强例如:I ask my mother to give me some coinsThe boss asks me to his office at once

askask sb to do sth是让某人做某事的意思. 比如:my teach asked me to finish the task tomorrow 意思是老师让我明天完成任务 for 有索要,请求的意思

make sb do sth 让(命令)某人做某事ask sb to do sth 请求某人做某事

He will ask me to do it for him.他会让我为他做.Mary asked Jack to do the chores with her.玛丽让杰克和她一起做家务.Mom asked me to help him with the dishes.妈妈让我帮她洗碗.The kid asked me to play with him.那个小孩让我和他玩.I want to ask my friend to help me with this problem,but the teacher doesn't allow.我想让我的朋友帮助我解答这一道题,可是老师不让.

help sb with sth在某方面帮助某人做某事; 而help sb out意思是帮助某人解决问题或摆脱困境提供东西给某人. 希望楼主采纳.

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