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He will ask me to do it for him.他会让我为他做.Mary asked Jack to do the chores with her.玛丽让杰克和她一起做家务.Mom asked me to help him with the dishes.妈妈让我帮她洗碗.The kid asked me to play with him.那个小孩让我和他玩.I want to ask my friend to help me with this problem,but the teacher doesn't allow.我想让我的朋友帮助我解答这一道题,可是老师不让.

My mother allows me to play computer games for half an hour every day. 我妈妈每天允许我玩半个小时的电脑游戏.

He is very good with the children.他与这些孩子处得很好.

I'm going to play basketball.我正要去打篮球.表示将来时,并没有发生.

i like to dress casually,我喜欢穿着随意些. 或者 i like dressing casually,他们意思一样,建议你选择后者.

tell him to go to school quickly 告诉他快去学校

与某人有个有约定、约会.比如:He can't attend the meeting because he has made an arrangement with the dentist. 他不能参加那个会议因为他和牙医有约.(精锐教育老师)

But you know what the worst part is?但你知道最糟的是什么吗?再看看别人怎么说的.

The engineering feat, called the south-north water diversion project, is china's most ambitious attempt to subjugate nature.

The prisoner was kept in fetters. 犯人戴著脚镣.The prisoner was put into the jail with fetters. 这个犯人被戴上脚镣投进了监狱.He longed to escape from the fetters of an unhappy marriage. 他渴望逃脱那不幸婚姻的束缚.

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