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BE Dripping with造句

翻译: 伴随着滴下,表示主动.

be terrified of 是词组,可以加名词,动词的现在分词 例如:其后加名词,I'm terrified of dark.我很怕黑. 其后加动词的现在分词 例如 I'm terrified of seeing you .我害怕见到你. (还可加that从句.)

She was frightened by a dog.她被一条狗吓坏了.I was frightened when I saw the nasty gash in her arm.她胳膊上又深又长的大伤口吓坏了我.Don't be frightened. We're not going to hurt you.I was frightened of being left by myself in the house.Her

be seated down坐下来,造句1.Obviously one can be lying down, seated, or standing.很显然,一个人可以躺着,坐着或者站着.2.Likewise, our side opening skirts and trousers can be zipped off in a flash and again, provide easy access if seated or lying down.同样地,我方开放的裙,裤,可在一瞬间压缩过多次,提供方便,如果坐或躺着.

be caught in 是固定短语,句中缺少的是并列谓语,因此不能用caught in.

是proud不是proundbe proud of英 [bi: praud v] 美 [bi prad v] v.自豪,高兴-- That's a beautiful piece of work. You should be proud of it. 那件作品非常漂亮,你应当为之自豪.-- Every right-thinking American would be proud of them. 每一个有正

i am afraid of doing my homework.

造句:official permission to be absent from work or duty, as that granted to military or corporate personnel.准假能够离开工作或职责的正式许可,如给予军事或公司职员的. be absent from:缺席 absent 读音:英 ['bsnt] 美 ['bsnt] 释义:

be modeled after 网络解释1. 照制作,仿效 be mistaken about 对有所误会, 把弄错, 错看 | be modeled after照制作,仿效 | be necessary for 是需要的, 对有必要2. 根据模仿;仿造 be famous for 以而闻名 (5) | be

造句: 1 This so-called emotional convergence seems to be beneficial to friendships and romantic relationships, making them stronger and longer lasting. 这种所谓的情感交汇对友谊和爱情来说是大有益处的,有益于增进感情和使之天长地久.

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