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BE Dying For

意思都是渴望的意思 be dying to后面跟动词原形 be dying for后面直接加名词

be dying for渴望,巴不得立即;表“非常”be dying for sth/to do sth: 极想 Be dying to do sth/for sth: 非常想得到或想做某事 be dying for sth. / be dying to do sth.: 恨不得马上 就是一个接名词, 一个接不定式.

渴望 类似的短语还有:be eager for,be anxious for,be thirsty for,long for等等……

The mother is dying to know how the kid(s) is/are.He looks like he works our regularly.He attend classes during weekend in order to improve his result but it doesn't seem to work.Our teachers keep telling us to work hard on our studies. Actually we all

i'll be missing you. 我会一直想你! 希望答案另你满意!

有 是要死了的意思

渴望类似的短语还有:be eager for,be anxious for,be thirsty for,long for等等……

答:表示“渴望”意义的英语短语主语有: be eaager forthirst forlong foryearn forache foraspire to,等等.

she is dying for a slim figure请采纳


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