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outlaws of love 爱的罪犯们

avicii唱的版本翻译入选Where there's a will, there's a way, kinda beautiful 有志者事竟成,有些美丽 And every night has its day, so magical 每个夜晚总伴随著白天,多有魔力And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle 如果生命中有爱,那就无

When it's love you give 当你能给予爱 (I'll be a man of good faith.) (我会做个有信誉的男人) then in love you live. 那么你就能活在爱中 (I'll make a stand. I won't break.) I'll be the rock you can build on, 我愿意做你的那块基石 be there when you

歌曲名:Waiting For Love 歌手:graham colton band 专辑:Pacific Coast Eyes When love calls your name And whispers you're the one When all you've ever dreamed Dances like stars around your heart And finally I hold the chance To give you all

Waiting for Love是Avicii的电音作品.

我帮你搜了,没怎莫搜到有用的,不过搜到了这个1代表唯一的爱情 2代表两人世界 3代表分散,双方随分隔两地,但思念永不改变 4代表无尽的思念 5是我的意思,也可以理解为不分你我 6代表顺利,代表喜剧式的爱情双方的爱情将一帆风顺,幸福过一生 7代表凄美,代表爱情注定经历坎坷,或许中间有很痛苦的事,但双方要用爱来度过 8是可以看成两个0靠在一起,是最浪漫的一个,指标是两个人肩靠肩的样子 9代表永久,爱你一生一世直到永久的意思 10代表十全十美,完美的爱情

sure your love will come

sometimes i feel i've got to run away, i've got to get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me the love we share seems to go nowhere and i've lost my life for i toss and turn i can't sleep at night once i ran to you now i run from you this tainted

为爱所迷茫,盲目的爱 Blind 盲的,瞎的

take me to your heart 把我带到你的心 双语对照 词典结果: 百科释义 《take me to your heart》是迈克学摇滚(Michael Learns to Rock)主唱的一首歌,此歌曲翻唱自张学友的《吻别》.收录于专辑《Take Me to Your Heart》,2004年发行.

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