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一.to do 1.forget to do 2.practice to do 3.follow to do to do to do 6.intend to do 7.suggest to do to do 9.remember to do 10.apply to do 11.prefer to do 12.agree to do 13.decide to do 14.ask to do 15.afford to do 16.aim to do 17.

do away with废除;摆脱;消灭 do harm to 对有害 do justice to 公平对待;适当处理 do one's best尽力 do one's bit尽自己的一份力 do one's duty尽职责 do one's hair做头

have+to do look+at (look care of) (look out) (look out of) piay+with go+to go ahead go是动词,所以接ing形式 have后面可以接三餐饭,但是不能加定冠词

speak of / about谈到(谈起)…… = talk of / on谈论…… speak on something/somebody谈论某人或某事并以其作为谈论的主题 speak of something/somebody在谈论中提到了某人或某事 speak about something/somebody谈论某人或某事,没有主题 speak to somebody over somethi孩工粉继莠荒疯维弗哩ng通过某种东西与某人谈话 求采纳哟~

习惯跟to do:

短语 be afraid to do/be afraid of doing invite to do decide to do finish doing ask sb. to do tell/order sb. (not) to do refuse to do offer to do 主动做某事 feel like doing 想要做某事 want to do =would like to do stop doing 停止做某事 stop to do 停止并去

keep doing sth持续做某事keep sb from doing sth阻止某人做某事finish doing sth结束做某事prvent sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事like doing喜欢做某事need /require doing需要做某事(物作主语)practise doing练习做某事take pard in doing参加做某事can't stop/help doing情不自禁做某事be used to doing习惯做某事

to do hope want expect agree plan doing finish enjoy practise mind

初中英语短语归类: 一、Doing类短语 1. allow doing sth允许做某事2. by doing sth 通过做某事 3. be always doing sth总是做某事 4. be terrified of doing sth害怕做某事 5. be afraid of doing sth害怕做某事 6. be busy doing sth 忙于做某事 7. be

like to do love to do want to do try to do hate to do help sb to do sth

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