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Don t hAvE to造句

I have to go to work everyday.You don't have to worry about him, he has come back.

I have to back home.she has to back home.You don't have to eat something.He doesn't have to drink water.

You don't have to be too worried.

I have to eat dinner

practice english with a partner 再如. 我没有凳子坐.(和我一起练习英语的伙伴) 这里是动词不定式作后置定语;t have a parner 【to pratice english with】 我没有练习英语的伙伴:i have no seat to sit on,满意记得采纳哟. 即:sit on a seat 欢迎追问本句话出自新目标英语 九年级 i don',即

why don't you go to play the basketball?you don't have to me to company with you i wish you could come to my birthday party next friday i should have asked lucy to our team If only they were here now, we would be able to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

I don't have much time to watch TV希望可以帮到你,请采纳

句子肯定是你没打完整i don't even have a plan,你应该最后个字母n打掉了意思是:我甚至都还没有一个计划.

.这是have to式的1、I have to go to school.2、I have to go to bed,because it' twelve o'clock now.3、It's a windy day.I have to take a lots of warm clothes.4、I'm fat,I have to go on a diet.5、I have to clean my room.6、I have to take a bath

I (don't) have to go to school now .I (don't) have to eat dinner nowI (don't) have to wear scarf in winterI (don't) have to finish the homework now.I (don't) have to go out.

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