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Dont youmust造句

Don't open the box!You must read the Manual!

you must study hard,so don't waste your time.

you must eat fruit and don't eat shit

you must do your homework.I don't know how to do my homework.【求采纳】

You must admit that I have done it.你必须承认我已经把这件事做完了.

I don't know what I can do if he must leave me.我不知道如果他一定要离开我,我该怎么办.

1. You must work hard.2. You must stay at home3. You must finish your homework by yourself4. You must leave now.5. You must keep quiet.1. You mustn't go out at night.2. You mustn't go there.3. You mustn't tell lies.4. You mustn't sing here.5. You mustn't talk to strangers.

顺手采纳答案用you must 和Don't 造句答案是You must write your homework 你必须写作业了Don't be late 别迟到了.

You must go to work You must have lunch You must play at home You must stay up late You must get a high score

you must go home.你必须回家.

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