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歌手:ace warrior 专辑:initial d vocal bat 搜索"fight for love tonight"LRC歌词 搜索"fight for love tonight"mp3 [ti:fight for love tonight] [ar:ace warrior] [al:initial d vocal battle 3] fight for love tonight 歌手 ace warrior 专辑 initial d vocal battle

[ti:fight for love][ar:elliott yamin][al:fight for love]elliott yamin - fight for lovei'm ecstatici feel the magic, it's everlastingi think you were meant to be alive on this very night with mei see you clearly, your dream you hear aboutbut never truly think it's realistic

歌曲名:Fight For Love歌手:From The Inside专辑:From The InsideWhen love calls your nameAnd whispers you're the oneWhen all you've ever dreamedDances like stars around your heartAnd finally I hold the chanceTo give you all my loveSo

elliott yamin--为爱的斗争, 我是入迷i感觉魔术,它's永久i思考你被意味着向是有活力右手击球员的左后,方场地这个非常晚上用自我i注意到你清楚你的做梦你听见关于但是从不确实思考它's现实鼻音化符号它打击你的介意i从不认为那个 i是罐懂

歌曲名:FIGHT FOR LOVE歌手:Elliott Yamin专辑:Best For YouElliott Yamin - Fight For LoveI'm ecstaticI feel the magic, It's everlastingI think you were meant to be alive on this very night with meI see you clearly, your dream you hear aboutBut

没分不干,抠死了 来一个可爱的Google版的我欣喜若狂,我觉得神奇,它的永恒 我认为你是为了活着就这一非常夜 和我在一起,我明白了,它清楚地 梦想你听到 与从来没有真正考虑其现实的打击,直到您的想法 我从来没有想过我能理解 我寻

Wanna fight for love Fight for love Fight for love Get my sensation Do not deny me I wanna take Just another chance To carry on and fight for you Just you baby I wanna love Cause I got too crazy Waiting for you Guess you're ready Don't say

是Cheryl Cole的吧《fight for this love》我的翻译:★Too much of anything can make you sick正所谓物极必反Even the good can be a curse即使再好的事也能变成诅咒Makes it hard to know which road to go down让人不知该如何往下走Knowing


Stan Bush - Fight for love

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