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For ExAmplE造句简单

For example ,we may take only one wife.比如说,我们只能娶一位妻子.

a lot of people here, for example, mr li. 这儿的许多人,例如李先生

for example,i think you are beautiful in some ways.

是例如的意思. There are many subjects in school,for example ,English.学校有很多科目,比如说,英语、 Take it for example, please.请以此为例. Take his method for example, it saves time.照着他的方法去做,节省时间 望采纳,谢谢..

People think their lives are made up. For example, some people say they are poor people, in fact, they are only actors

I like a lots of people, for example you. 我喜欢很多人,例如你.

1.Take it for example, please.请以此为例.2.Take his method for example, it saves time.照着他的方法去做,节省时间.3.Take apples for example, it could help preventing heart attack.拿苹果来说,吃苹果可以预

For example,I like play football,basketball.

to play

不用for example,用like更好些,可以免除play的重复:You should go out to play some sports like basketball.for example后面应该根完整句子 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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