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give是个很活跃的词,搭配很多: give oneself (为)献身 give up 放弃;交出 give out 分发,发出;公布,发表;用尽,精疲力竭 give full play to 充分发挥 give in v. 屈服;让步;交上 give aid to 给…予帮助 give or take 增减……而无大变化

give意思是:给予,赠送,作出供给,产生,举办,(为购买某物或做某事而)支付,(物体)塌下,让步伸展性,弹性.其用法如下:1、~ sth to sb | ~ sb sth 给;交给 to hand sth to sb so that they can look at it, use it or keep it for a time [VN ,

原发布者:沫汐苡 givev. [gv] (gives;gave,given;giving) 双解释义vt.&vi. 1.给予,赠送,授予 causeapersontohave,receive;handovertosbwithoutpaymentorexchangevt. 2.供给,提供 provideorsupplyvt. 3.交给,托付 causesbtohave;

[思路分析] give要注意翻译时候的含义 [解题过程] give几乎是一个“万能用词”,意思、用法非常多.初学者见到give往往 就翻译成“给”.许多人把英语的词和汉语的词一个个“对等”起来,这是翻译 的一大忌讳,应该根据上下文和汉语的习

1、give a jump 跳了一下2、give a kick 踢一脚 3、give a lecture 开演讲会4、give a look 看一看5、give a loud laugh 大笑一声6、give a play 上演一剧7、give a ring 打了一个电话 词汇解析:give 英 [gv] 美 [v] 1、vt. 给;产生;让步;举办;

give ,意为:给,供给,给予,付出,从意义上来讲是主动的给予别人东西或者帮助,比如give you some help,give one's life to 而get,意为 :获得; 收获; 变成; 到达; 变得; 成为 从意义上讲是得到,接受或从别人那里得到帮助

give后面接双宾语 give sb sth/sth to sb given that假定,已知,给定 词组搭配 be given to沉溺于 give and take互让 give away送掉 give back归还 give forth发出 give in屈服 give in to屈服于 give into通向 give off放出 give on/upon面对 give oneself up to牺牲自己 give out发出 give up让给 give way (to)让步 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thx!

give in 1. 呈交;交上(试卷等): 例句: You must give in your examination papers now.你们现在必须把你们的试卷交上来. 2. 登记,报上(姓名等): 例句: Give in your name if you are willing to help.假如你愿意帮忙,就报上你的姓名. 3. 投降,屈服;让步,认输: 例句: He was compelled to give in.他被迫屈服. 4. 塌陷;垮: 例句: The ground gave in under the weight of the heavy car.地面在沉重的汽车的重压下塌陷了.

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give sb sth give sth to sb 给某人某物give in 屈服 give out 发出(光等)

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