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give rise to与cause的区别:含义不同、结构不同、侧重点不同.一、含义不同1.give rise to 释义:造成;引起;导致2.cause 释义:n.原因;起因;理由;动机 二、结构不同1.give rise to 结构:这是动词词组,give是常用动词,词义丰富,用法

简单来讲,①:give rise to :cause to happen exit ,occur 发生的意思…… 举例:the new law gave rise to many complaints 新法法规引起很多人的不满 ②:bring about 是make something to happen,导致的意思 the changes to the law was brought about because so many complaints.法规之所以修改是因为人的抱怨太多 不同:前者重原因,后者侧重结果

make for意思:为定做,向前进,有利于contribute to意思:有利于前者后面加名词,后者加动词ing(to这里是介词)望采纳,求关注.

你好!这里的 to 是介词,后面需要跟名词性短语. give rise to doing sth 是对的 打字不易,采纳哦!

give rise to 多见用于比较正式的表达,指“引发”、“ 引起”某种现象的出现.1)High intake of salt is believed to give rise to high blood pressure. 大量摄入盐被认为会引起高血压.2)Her disappearance gave rise to the wildest rumours. 她失踪一

give rise to 引起, 导致 这可以引起奇妙的情形

区别如下:1. fall by意思是下降了多少,后面一般接数值或百分数.例如: The fruits was sold out, because the price falled by 2 RMB. 水果都卖光了,因为价格下降了2元.2. fall to意思是下降到多少,后面一般接数值.例如:the price falls to 5 RMB. 价格降到了5元.

一、用法不同 raised by 是提高了(多少) They demanded that their wages be raised by 10 percent.他们要求增加百分之十的工资 raised to 提高到 (多少) the standard be raised to a minimum of 95%.将该标准提高到最低95%.二

give rise to 是“造成,导致,产生”译文:天文学家说,“新月将于周二接近地球,从而产生一个几乎看不见的'超级月亮'.”

1、relate to 涉及,有关 i can't relate what he does to what he says.我不能把他说的和他做的联系起来.2、be related to 中的related 则是一个形容词,意思为to show or make a connection between two different things(把…)联系起来.i have some books (which are) related to this phenomenon.我有一些和这个现象有关的书.希望对你有帮助. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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