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hAvE和hAs 造句

用have、has造句(肯定句)每个5句I have a new pen. 我有了一支新的钢笔。 Thet have a lot of money. 他们有很多钱。 Have some apples. 来点

用have和has造句,每个十句1.A country must have the will to repel any invader.一个国家得有决心击退任何入侵者。 2.The police have

用has 和have造句,各两句My mother has a sister. She has an English book. I have an English. I have an uncle.

用have和has造句,每个十句各造十句I have a new pen.我有了一支新的钢笔.Thet have a lot of money.他们有很多钱.Have

用have和has造句各造一个句子I have basketball. SHE has soccer ball.

用have和has造句 每3句回答:I have a ping pong bat I have a pen He hae a volley ball He has a pen

用have,has造句I have two eggs. She has two apples.

用have和has造句各5个要求主意不重复1 Alex has already gone 亚历克斯已经走了。 2 When I met her, she had just returned from a job interview 我


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