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1.Have you anything to declare? 你有什么东西要申报吗?2.Do you have something to eat? 你有什么可吃的东西吗?3.Do you like to smoke? I have some. 你想抽点烟吗?我这儿还有点儿.

你只需要分清has和have的区别,就能很快的解决这个问题了,has是第三人称是用的,have是第一和第二人称时用的 eg. 1. we were having breakfast. 我们正在吃早餐. 2. have you got a pencil? 你有铅笔吗? 3. he has eaten a whole box of chocolates. 他吃了一整盒巧克力. 4. he has no friend other than you. 他除你之外就没有别的朋友了. 5. listening to the music has a calming influence on her. 听音乐对她起了一种镇静的作用.

1. I have to leave now.2. He had to stay in bed because of his illness.3. Do you have to get up at 6:00 in the morning?4. It's raining outside, so we have to wait.5. You have to finish your work before you go out.6. I'm very tired and I have to stop to rest

I have a new pen.我有了一支新的钢笔.Thet have a lot of money.他们有很多钱.Have some apples.来点苹果吧.I have already finished my homework.我已经完成我的作业了.I have fish for dinner.晚餐我有鱼吃.She has a old car.她有一辆旧车.He has no idea.他没有主意.He has gone.他走了He has just seen a teacher.他刚才看到一位老师She has a ruler.她有一把尺子

1. A country must have the will to repel any invader. 2. This place doesn't have a very savory reputation. 3. Have a glass of beer to rinse your dinner down. 4. Young ladies used to have lessons in deportment. 5. I beg your pardon. I suppose I should

.这是have to式的1、I have to go to school.2、I have to go to bed,because it' twelve o'clock now.3、It's a windy day.I have to take a lots of warm clothes.4、I'm fat,I have to go on a diet.5、I have to clean my room.6、I have to take a bath

1 i had to follow the teacher said to do 2 rain, i have to stay at home 3 mother said, i had to learn the knowledge 4 to understand the knowledge, i have to ask the teacher for advice 5 i like to eat hamburgers, but today sold out, i had to eat other food

We have books We have water.We have apples.We have eggs.We have computers.We have many friends.We have two oranges.We have smart phones.We have our schools.We have school bags.亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thx!


I want to have a new friend. I would like to have a cup of tea. They are going to have a sports meeting. He plans to have a rest tonight. I ough to have a talk wrth her.I want to be a teacher in the future. There is going to be a fashion shownafter school.You are supposed to be quiet in the reading room.

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