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lEAD to Doing例句

lead to doing sth是怂恿的意思,做“指引”讲时常接介宾.He leads us to break the window as soon as possible.抓住梯子,还有别的引申义吗

lead sb. to do 带领某人作某事,lead sb into doing sth表示的是同一个意思,另外还可以用lead to+ n./v-ing,意思是"导致,通向".如:hard work leads to success.laziness leads to failing the exam.

lead to do sth或是直接是lead to sth

lead to 1. (一个真理)Curiosity can lead us to learn more about the new .2.(一则谚语)All roads lead to Rome.3.(物种起源)Different habitats lead to various species.4.(一个忠告)Laziness leads to failure,which is lead to 解释:导致,

有"lead to sb doing"的用法 lead to sb doing sth = lead sb to do sth 导致某人做某事lead to 本身就是一个词组 不要割裂来理解

lead to的用法如下:1、lead to sth 导致,造成,通向 例句:Eating too much sugar can lead to health problem.翻译:食用过多的糖会引起健康问题.2、lead sb to (sth) 使得出(观点),引导(某人) 例句:What led you to this conclusion?翻译

1. (一个真理)Curiosity can lead us to learn more about the new . 2. (一则谚语)All roads lead to Rome. 3. (物种起源)Different habitats lead to various species. 4. (一个忠告)Laziness leads to failure, which is known to us all.

dull as lead swing the lead lead a visitor in he led us to the hotel she led the child across the street.她牵著那孩子穿过街道 he led the horses into the yard.他把马牵入围栏内 lead off

用“lead to”造句如下:If this is true, there is no particular reason to hope that more education will lead to a moredemocratic world. 假如真是这样的话,就不存在特别的原因希望更好的教育导致一个更加民主的世界.This might lead to problems,

一、表示为:把…带到,领到 The bell-boy led us to our rooms.旅馆服务员把我们带到了我们的房间.二、表示为:(道路)通向 All roads lead to Rome.条条道路通罗马.三、表示为:导致,引起 In given conditions,a bad thing can lead to good

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