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mEAn Doing sth造句

he mean doing homework.

It is means doing homework

mean to do 打算做…… mean doing 意味着…… i mean to go, but my father would not allow me to. 我想去,但是我父亲不肯让我去. to raise wage means increasing purchasing power. 赠加工资意味着增加购买力.

造句如下 Missing this bus means waiting for another one hour.翻译:错过这俩班车,就意味着还要再等上一个小时.

mean doing sth的意思是“意味着干某事“. mean doing sth. 的意思是“意味着(必须要做某事或导致某种结果)”,其主语通常是指事物的词.例如: Being a student means studying hard. 作为一个学生,(意味着)你要努力学习. Success means working hard. 成功意味着工作努力.

有,但是要注意与mean to do 的区别.mean doing 意味着做某事,意思是做某事 mean to do 打算做某事,意图做某事 区别:The sign means eating in the hall. 这个标志意思是在大厅里吃饭 He means to hurt you when he carries a stick in hand. 他可能打算伤害你,因为他手上有棍子.

i dont mean hurting you.he was mean to her .i regret doing this .i regret to do the thing.

mean to do sth 打算做某事mean doing 意味着

mean to do sth.的意思是“打算或企图做某事”, 其主语通常是表示人的名词或代词,其过去完成式表示“本来打算做某事”.例如:What do you mean to do with it? 你打算把它怎样处理? mean doing sth的意思是“意味着干某事”.

1.I regret going to tom's home yesterday2.I regret not finishing the homework.(后悔没完成作业 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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