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piss是小便 voyeur是偷窥者或作动词


『NIRVANA』 Kurt Cobain 1967年2月20日生于华盛顿Aberdeen附近的Hoquiam,6个月后随父母搬到Aberdeen,1994年自杀.故意破坏的艺术:就象一块石头击中警察的脸.“我认为PUNK摇滚意味着自由、爱好,接受你喜欢的任何东西,象你

ZhengYuanChang Nick name: small ensemble Nick name origin: five years ago one evening, zheng dad looked after the show started surname whim, said to help yuan chang zheng change a name, the name that yuan chang dad to have a "zong

Today I want to introduce a idol group with 13 young handsome boys from Korea.The came from the most Influential entainment in Asia, The mane of the conmany is SM.Super junior,their name is like what they are,They have energe on the satge

歌曲名:《Parklife》歌手:Blur专辑:《Midlife: A Beginner S Guide To Blur》发行时间:2009-06-14 流派:摇滚 发行公司:EMI歌词:Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as (Parklife!)And morning soup can be

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