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read my mind 歌手:the killers 专辑:sam's town on the corner of main street just tryin' to keep it in line you say you wanna move on and you say i'm falling behind can you read my mind? can you read my mind? i never really gave up on breakin' out

[00:13.64]In your eyes you look so weary 你眼中带着疲惫 [00:15.86]Fighting light with dark and dreary 黯然失色流露着忧郁 [00:18.32]Even though you can't hear me 虽然你听不到 [00:20.61]I`ll still sing 我依然歌唱 [00:22.22] [00:23.53]You go to

属于R&B类型的歌曲~~ 你听一下这首 Gotta Have You

Read My Mind - Sweetbox 演唱:群星 Compilation 专辑:最爱S.H.E冬日音乐纪念册 歌词: (Verse 1) In your eyes you lok so weary Fighting light w

S.H.E的《复天使在唱歌》抄袭的不是Sweetbox的《制READ MY MIND》,抄袭糖果盒子这首歌bai的是三只的《duALWAYS ON MY MIND》.S.H.E的《天使在zhi唱歌》的原曲是由无dao天使组合唱的《天使在唱歌(英文版)》.

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不好意思啊,失误失误! In your eyes you look so weary 你眼中带着疲惫 Fighting light with dark and dreary 在黑暗和枯燥的日子中,我寻找着你那温柔的眼神 Even know you can't hear me 也许你听不到我内心的呼唤 I'll still sing 但我依然歌唱

直译 1.What time indeed can you understand me? 意译 2.When can you read my mind? read my mind看透我心;懂我 Sweetbox还有一首歌:Read My Mind

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