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there is my is very beautiful!there is a big playgrond.there are three buildings in my school.there are three thousands students in my school .there are one hundred teachers in my school.there are many trees and flowers in my school.i love my beautiful school.



I am in NO.2 Middle School. I love my school . There are more than 1,500 students in our school. We have math, English, Chinese, music, art ,P.E and so on. Our teachers are friendly to us . Although they are strict with us on all subjects, we love them

学校变化:My school has been changed a lot. A few years ago, there was no any big building in the school. Now there is a big teaching building.There was no any football pitch before. Now there is a big football pitch where we can have school


There be…结构表示某地(某时)存在某物(某人).在英语句子中,一般主语在前,谓语在后.但是在这一结构中谓语在前,主语在后,形成主谓倒装.There在这一结构中,仅起引导作用,是一虚词,本身无词义,不能理解为副词.后面的

人教版PEP英语教材,5年级上,Unit 5,6出现了there be 句型Unit 5,单数There is a big bed. 复数There are so many pictures here.Unit 6,一般疑问句 Is there a river in the forist? Are there any tall buildings in the nature park?6年级下Unit 4 再次出 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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