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1.There is a flower in the bottle. 瓶里有一朵花. 2.There is some money in the purse. 钱包里有些钱. 3There is a boy, a girl and two women in the house. 房子里有一个男孩,一个女孩和两个妇女. 4.There are ten students and a teacher in the

There is an apple on the table.there is a very white rabbit.There is a idiot on the Interenet.

There is a tree in front of the wall.There is not any milk in the glass.There are two dogs in the basket.There are not any apples on the table.There is a chair and four books over there.

there are lots of trees (flowers)(apples)(rubbishs)(tvs)

There is my bedroom.There is a table.Some books are On the table.A book is on the chair.There are pens on the chair,too. 翻译:这是我的房间.这是一个桌子.一些书在桌子上.一本书在椅子上.钢笔也在椅子上.

There is a dog outside 外面有一条狗 There will be a meeting tomorrow 明天将有一场会议 There are too many books on the desk 桌上有很多书 There is an apple on the tree 树上有一个苹果 There is going to be a lecture this afternoon 下午将有一场演讲

1.There is a flower in the bottle.瓶里有一朵花.2.There is some money in the purse.钱包里有些钱.3There is a boy,a girl and two women in the house.房子里有一个男孩,一个

There is a photo on the wall.(这里有一张照片在墙上)there are some people in my room.(这里有一些人在我的房间里)there is an apple on the tabble.(这里有一个苹果在桌子上)there are some keys in the drawer(

There is a basketball under the desk!2 There are some pens and pencicls in the pencilbox.3 There is a library in the shcool.4 There are five girls on the playground.5 There was a lake in this town.6 There were several buildings behind my house.7

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