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你好!more and more you love me译为 '你越来越爱我',但more and mor通常放在句末.'只有你爱我' 应该译为:it's only you who loves me.



Take me back in the arms I love接受我,回到我所爱的怀里Need me like you did before需要我,像你从前那样Touch me once again再一次的触摸我And remember when当(你)想起There was no one that you wanted more没人比你要求更多的那

我知道,一路上你喜欢的人还很多,所以我会放弃.I know, you like a lot of people on the road, so I give up. 我们一直假装到现在,已没什么话好讲.We pretend that we are fine till now.I have nothing more to say

take me back into the arms i love 带我回到那我所爱的怀抱 need me like you did before 像你从前那样的需要我 touch me once again 再一次的碰触我 and remember when 而且记起那些时日 there was no one that you wanted more 当世上没有任何

爱你多一点 多爱你一点

It's been The story of my life The things I loved I had to sacrifice And now there's nothing left of me Feeling invisible In need of a miracle I try to remember It's only love We had to surrender There's no more us The world keeps on turning And I carry

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