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want 英[wnt] 美[w:nt] v. 想要; 希望; 打算; 需要…在场; n. 需要的东西; 缺少; 贫穷; [例句]I want to say how really delighted I am that you're having a baby我想说你怀孕了我有多高兴.[其他] 第三人称单数:wants 复数:wants 现在分词:wanting 过去式:wanted过去分词:wanted

want英 [wnt]美 [wnt] n. 需要;缺乏;贫困;必需品 vt. 需要;希望;应该;缺少 vi. 需要;缺少 want 欲望,想要,希望得到 want ad 招聘广告,征求广告,分类广告 want out 解除,想吹,想要出去


There is such a time ------you are not alone ,but feel very lonely ,the persons by your side ,some of which laugh or cry,but that all has nothing to do with you.


want[wCnt]vt.想要, 希望, 需要, 短缺, 缺少n.需要, 短缺

want是英文单词,作动词时,汉语翻译为:想要;希望;打算;需要…在场,作名词时,汉语翻译为:需要的东西;缺少;贫穷.Want的第三人称单数形式为: wants Want的复数形式为: wants Want的现在分词形式为: wanting Want的过去式形式为: wanted Want的过去分词形式为: wanted

want [wnt; w:nt]vt.希望见到(某人);希望与(某人)谈话:wanted on the phone有…的电话通缉:wanted by the police警察局通缉的(人)不足,不够;没有:Don't you think that her jacket wants an inch or so of the proper length?你不觉


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