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with的六种用法例句表示方式、手段或工具等时(=以,用),如:with a car 用卡车 2. 与某些抽象名词连用时,其作用相当于一个副词.如:with care

用with造句 谢谢各位大神!with造句如下:1、She is a doctor with a strong sense of vocation.她是一位具有强烈使命感的医生

用“with”怎么造句?They leave the classroom with the lights on.他们没关灯就离开了教室。On the Sunday,I often go shopping with my mother.

With造句简单,小学生最短?我喜欢和你一起玩。2,The The girl with eyes is Lulu。这个大眼睛女孩是露露。With,有很多意思和用法,有和某人一起,有

with的用法,造句!(各一个)Down with fascism!打倒法西斯主义!with- 前缀 pref.1.表示"反对";"逆";"往回";"离去";"后方"出自百度词典

用with造句两个就够了There is a house with a garden.She is tall with long hair.

With复合结构的造句有哪些?with结构也称为with复合结构,是由with+复合宾语组成,常在句中做状语,表示谓语动作发生的伴随情况、时间、原因、方式等 1、with

with 的造句用with+名词+介词+名词 造几个简单点的I play with my friends in the playground.I play with them happily.friends ,them,

With 的英语造句好多哟,做介词,Wisdom comes with age. 智慧随着年龄渐长。组词组,比如"be with" We are all with you on this one. 在


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